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“Take Your Business From Startup to Full-Time Income!”
Finally Discover the Key Business Owners Use to Unlock 6-Figure Profits...
Over and Over Again!
From the Virtual Desk of Kristen Joy Laidig!

RE: Are you stuck in "startup" mode?

Have you ever wondered why you can't seem to grow your business past a hobbyist income? Maybe you're an artist and marketing seems too hard. Maybe you're a speaker and getting paid gigs feels out of reach. Or maybe you're trying another new direct sales company because the last one just didn't pan out.

Whatever your situation...

You're not alone! Every 6-figure entrepreneur has gone through their own "growing pains" of business... often alone... until they finally discover the key to unlocking the door from menial profits to substantial income.

And yet until that key is discovered, it seems like you're just hitting a brick wall over and over again until you're tired, frustrated, and ready to give up.

Am I right?!?

Look... I've been there. It took time, but I figured something out... Four years ago I finally found the KEY I was looking for... (No, it was not my husband Tony... that timing was purely coincidental. ;-) )

When I found the KEY I applied it to every aspect of my business, then started another business, and another, and every time I applied "the KEY" I discovered I could not only break through barriers others said I would encounter, but actually unlock the doors instead of struggle with a battering ram... because I FINALLY had the KEY!

The "key" lies in a specific combination of tactics, strategy, and mindset. I call it the "Exponential Growth Formula."
And Yet My BIGGEST Discovery of ALL...
...is that I don't have to keep this KEY to myself! There are a LOT of "success strategies" out there, most being taught by struggling solopreneurs. But there's a BIG difference between a solopreneur teaching how to make 6 figures when they JUST had their first 6-figure year (or are only on track to do their first 6 figures that year)... and a veteran BUSINESS OWNER who not only has made MULTIPLE 6 figures for several years in a row, but started a business from scratch that surprised an industry!

Remember this photo? This was taken on July 14, 2017... Grand Opening Day for our first retail store, Toy Box Gifts & Wonder.

We did a lot of things wrong...

AND we did a LOT of things RIGHT!

(If you look closely you'll see a laptop sitting open... That was just ONE strategy I used to build our email list to over 200 BRAND NEW signups... On our FIRST day being open... and it can be applied to ANY business!)

We were told our store MIGHT make about $35,000 in sales its first year...

But we weren't happy with that projection, so we decided to apply unusual tactics and strategies learned from our OTHER businesses to this brand new offline business.

We were told it couldn't be done... AFTER we did it...

And it WORKED!
Our First 12 Months in Retail... $35,000
The Strategies I Use Apply to ANY Business!
Here are my actual numbers for my primary business over the past three years... which do not take into consideration ANY licensing or royalty payments deposited into other accounts. (In other words, I made MORE money than what's shown here each year...)
*Note: This year is when we started Toy Box Gifts & Wonder, so HALF the year I spent working almost 100% in the NEW business... And I STILL made over $400k in this "neglected" one!
I'm not opening my books and sharing my numbers to brag. I'm sharing them so you can see I know what I'm talking about, I've experimented a LOT over the past several years... and I've discovered the KEY that makes ANY business work!
It's Time for You To Make
Your First 6 Figures!
Module 1: Plant Your Dreams
  • The Big Business Opportunities: How to tell if a new business opportunity or path is right for you... to stop wasting money and time chasing stuff that won't work for your unique situation.
  •  My Starter Kit Formula: Step-by-step formula to apply new opportunities to your existing business... and GROW that business rather than be distracted.
  •  The Blended Garden: How to make any new opportunity add marketing potential and exponential growth to what you're already doing... without the extra work of starting a new business from scratch.
  •  And Much More...
Module 2: Water Your Passion & Light Your Path
  • Top Sales Strategies: The top strategies used by 6-figure business owners to increase sales in any area, including new businesses or opportunities right out of the gate!
  • Top Marketing Methods: Separate from sales strategies, these methods are the tried-and-true-works-the-best-today tactics you NEED in your business toolbox if you want to reach and sustain a 6-figure income.
  • Successful Paid Advertising: When and how to choose advertising avenues that are right for you and your business type... without breaking the bank and WITH keeping your sanity intact.
  •  And Much, Much More!
Module 3: Grow Your First 6 Figures
  • Truth in Continuity: The exact systems and tech needed to maintain a solid continuity income... and the TRUTH gurus DON'T want to tell you about establishing and maintaining a continuity program!
  •  Advanced Marketing Strategy: From the latest in list building to loyalty programs, affiliate and referral programs, these strategies are no longer optional to reach that 6-figure mark.
  • Secret Money Breakdown: How to think about money in order to attract even MORE of it.
  • Growth Beyond Self: Working with a team, outsourcing, when, how, where, and who...
  • And a HECKOFALOT More!
Module 4: Seed Your NEXT 6 Figures
  • My Exponential Growth Formula: How to feed your success so it snowballs into bigger profits!
  •  Harvest Multiplier: The easiest and best methods to grow multiple financial harvests from just ONE seed.
  • The 6-Figure MASTER Key: If you forget everything else in this entire course, don't forget THIS. It's THAT important and will make or break your sustainable 6-figure income!
  •  And WAY More!
"Passive Income Planner"

This 19-page printable PDF Planner will take you through 9 easy steps with 12 fun exercises to help you create more passive income in your business.

This Planner is especially useful if you're currently a coach or service provider trading time for dollars!

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Please clear your cache and/or use an incognito window. Multiple systems updated (including Chrome, Safari, Windows, Mac OS and our system) and cache is causing issues with PayPal. If that doesn't work, simply email support@thecasualentrepreneurs.com and we can send you an invoice and manually add you to the Challenge. Sorry for the inconvenience - this is beyond our control. :(
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